Looking for:

the ORIGINAL window sticker,
Owner Protection Plan booklet,
Original owners manual,
POP or Protect-O-Plate,
original and subsequent owners,
dealer invoice


1966 Corvette VIN 194676S120533
Rally RED exterior - Black interior

White Convertible two-top
Original factory side pipes 427/390HP motor

Here is what we know:

May 1966 - Delivered to Mason Chevy Kennett Square PA

Titled June 29, 1966 Pennsylvania title A
Was this the original dealer or was this car traded new to REEDMAN Motors???

---Title date August 4, 1969 was this traded into Reedman Motors as a 3 year old used car?

We are looking for owner one - do you have any pictures or documents like owners protection plan and protect-o-plate, sales invoice or window sticker from this car???

Prior owners seemed to think the car came from Regester Chevrolet Thompsontown, PA.
- anyone have a contact that can show this is the case?

We are looking for owner two - was this traded in by owner #1 and sold from Reedman Motors to owner #2??

There was a report the car was in Clearfield, PA - owner #2 or owner #3?

Owner #3 sold the car to Todd's Auto Sales because he had a leg operation and could not drive a car with a clutch after that - do you know who this guy was???

In 1973 this car was sold to an individual in Northumberland area by Todd's Auto Sales located in Selinsgrove PA

Snyder County, PA.

In this time frame the second top was not on the car, and the car had rally wheels and tires that were a little too large and the front fenders had cracked just a little because of it. This is how the car looked. Notice the engine modifications that we think were made by owner #5 and the original parts stayed with the car in boxes. Also note the Reedman sticker in the glove box. Corvette History
The car has stayed in this area up until today - help find these Corvette owners of a piece of an American Classic and Save the Wave!

Please get in touch with us from the home page of this web site and or details within the photo.