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1966 ONLY Corvette 427 Radiator Inlet Hose
NCRS 66 judging guide has it all wrong - look at your Chevrolet issued Assembly instruction manual, on page UPC L36 L72 you can see that for the entire model year up to late June 1966 the hose that was put on your big block Corvette was 3882825, not what every one wants to see in the 3906015 which was issued on June 8 1966. This is a pre-issue subscription price, it - in order sequence - ensures the purchaser to the hose once the limited run is available. Purchasing more than one provides more than one part. Take your chance on us to finally get your car correct. This hose will have the original alligator skin just as the original were. The issue these days is that people have been looking at service and reproductions with smooth modern forming process - they don't remember how the originals appeared.
Price: $225.00
Out of Stock



Correct wall thickness tube, .035~40" Correct end form and shape This is the breather tube that fits in the 427 air cleaner base This fits the Open Air Cleaner bases that use the AC A212CW filter - 427 version or 350 LT-1 68-9 Camaro Z-28 air cleaner assembly 6423272 takes this same tube. The air cleaner base that this fits into is 6422188. GM part numbers 6423240 66 Corvette L36 L72 6423272 69 Corvette Base, L36 6423272 68 Corvette Base, L36 6423272 69 Camaro Z28 6423907 67 Corvette L36 L72 6423907 67 Camaro L78 (396/375hp) 6423907 67 Camaro Z28 (302/290hp) 6423907 68 Camaro L34/35 (396 325/350hp) 6423907 68 Camaro L78 (396/375hp) 6423907 68 Camaro Z28 (302/290hp) 6423907 69 Camaro L34/35 6423907 69 Camaro L78 If your 1970 - 72 Corvette LT-1 SL6 SL7 Camaro took the same base that is used in these air cleaner assemblies above, this is the correct tube.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $35.95

54 68 Chevy Small Block Intake end gasket seals


We found a box of these... very special super rare hard to find part. These are the OE correct seals that came on any Chevrolet 283 & 327 engines from about 1954 to 1968. Any 327 Corvette or Chevy 283 or Chevrolet 327 engine from 1954 to 1968 needs a pair of these to be consistent with factory assembly of the engine. The block starting in late 1968 had holes for the seal to fit into, inquire if you need those, they have a very small hard to see GM logo too, we have a couple of sets remaining. Inquire first please. These are sold as pairs.
List Price: $200.00
Price: $149.00

65 66 427 Air Cleaner Base Original Corvette Chevelle


1965 1966 427 Chevrolet motors for Corvette Chevelle and perhaps others had a distinct difference from the 67 - 72 bases and reproductions are SOOO wrong. This original base had some rusty surfaces on the under side, it was repaired inclusive of the AC vent tube and the finished with OEM original e-coat dip paint as were the originals. This original finish does not come off with carb cleaner or gasoline as the rattle can paint jobs do. This has the correct paint look for gloss and thinness, note that powder coat, the popular finish these days leaves a mottled finish, looks too thick, etc, not NCRS correct for gloss and finish. Get the real thing and be done with it.
Price: $750.00

66 67 327 Corvette Fan Shrouds


We have eight 66 67 327 Corvette Original fan shrouds in varying conditions from needs some repair to a very special black glass late 66 67 unpainted shroud in perfect NOS clean condition. The price shown is for the middle end, that NOS black glass fan shroud is $900. One of these shrouds is an AC Air Conditioning shroud that has several slots Best to call us at the number shown on the home page, thank you
Price: $499.00

Big Block By-Pass Hose 65 - E72 396 427 454


This By-pass hose is the first time that the proper appearance and thickness has been reproduced exactly. Now your #10 clamps will fit and seal properly. 396 1965 Corvette 1966 67 68 69 427 Corvette 70 71 72 454 Corvette 1967 68 69 70 71 72 396 Camaro 427 454 Chevelle Impala Caprice any Chevrolet with a 396 427 or 454 Big Block Engine and the 90 degree bent hose. NCRS guys...there is some evidence the 66 hoses had a blue stripe, we are working on that hose now. If you need a NCRS hose now, this is it, perfectly correct will take a few more months.
Price: $39.95

Small Block Air Cleaner Connector Hose


The original 327 air cleaner connector hoses installed at St Louis Asy had ribbing that until now has not been accurately produced. This is a pre-issue subscription price, it - in order sequence - ensures the purchaser to the hose once the limited run is available. Purchasing more than one provides more than one part. IMPORTANT***** what is pictured is a warped aged cracked original, your hose will be to the OE specs, straight.
Price: $39.00
Out of Stock

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