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Rants raves - really just plain crooks below: Steinkopf Nurseries, Snover, MI selling out of Eastern Market Detroit, these crooks are the worst!

Avoid the Eastern Market scam, pure crooks.

We spend over $2000 on shrubs, followed their directions to a T and had their "guarantee they'd grow"

Arborvite are sensitive plants and ssome do die off, do you think they honored their guarantee? no way! First they say we did not water them enough, then when you counter that, they say you watered them too much, we said wait - it raind on it sonw every day in June. They got natural water.

Bottom line with a cash sale - there was no way they'd honor their word of mouth guarantee.

It was twist and turn to avoid paying or replacing. Liars and scammers - crooks, pure & simple.

And their price was twice what you could buy them for at Costco - where you do get a no hassle guarantee, wish we know now what we did not know then.

Avoid these crooks the guys there are so dishonest, Steinkopf & Sons Wholesale Nursery, thumbs down just horrible scammers, a disgrace to Michigan.

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Parts Requester Many Corvette, Camaro, and Chevelle restoration enthusiasts know it is hard to find high quality original or exacting reproduction parts indistinguishable from the original.
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