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-*-Is your drinking water making you sick?-*-
Clean it - Pure Water Brand Distillers


Welcome, We have been a water distiller retailer for six years. Our story starts with a clean understanding in the early 1990's that city water and even many ground water sources had become contaminated with chemicals, PCB's, pesticides, and prescription drugs to the extent the water supply was un safe. Further more, chorine, a common treatment agent is know to cause cancer. Sand filtration does not filter out all these known toxins.

For further reading on why you should clean you water, call us at the phone provided on the home contact page or send us an email. Also see more details at this link:

We are Metro Detroit's only Pure Water distiller retailer. THese units are Made in the U.S.A. Carry a 15 year guarantee on the stainless steel chamber and 2 years warranty on electrical components. I personally am so confident of these units we have also placed them in other countries with excellent success adapting to the local customs.

Call us at 313-231-0571 with questions or to schedule an appointment

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Pure Water Water Distillers
Is Your Drinking Water Safe
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Parts Requester Many Corvette, Camaro, and Chevelle restoration enthusiasts know it is hard to find high quality original or exacting reproduction parts indistinguishable from the original.
Here we are proud to announce an association that makes these parts available for direct purchase via the internet with a secure shopping cart system.
You are paying via secure Paypal, we never see your credit card information and once your purchase is completed, shipment from stock is with 2 to 3 business days. Currently all shipments are via FEDEX or USPS Priority Mail insured. Large items must go by truck.

Email us your needs.
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